About our Company

Alpaca Fine is a growing Peruvian company formally founded by young children of craftsmen in 2015. We want to show the world the wonderful texture and softness of the alpaca fur and hand knits; the outstanding craftmanship of peruvian artisans, our original style and exclusive design.We produce fine alpaca rugs, home accessories and garments. Our mission is to desing, produce and supply fine alpaca products to companies all over the world. Our deal client is one who focuses in high standards and exclusiveness. We operate from the city of Cusco in southern Peru very near to Puno city , the highest altitude city of Peru (3,827 mts. over sea level) located at one side of the mountain range of the Andes, where the most quantity of alpacas are raised mainly for the textile industry. Because of its very fine hair, alpaca fiber is very appreciated to make exclusive fabrics and garments, and when its hairproduction cycle declines after several years, their meat becomes a great food and source of protein for people of these southern cities. The baby alpaca furs are obtained from the young animals that die during the winter because of the rains and low temperatures. Very Important as Producer company We are able to make your own custom made.

alpaca products that we provide to the worldwide

Best Seller

These Baby Alpaca Fur Coats are soft and warm


- $850.00

Baby Alpaca Fur Vest are soft and warm


- $350.00

Baby Alpaca Fur Trim Cape fashion and luxury clothing


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Baby Alpaca Fur Scarf are soft and warm special for gift


- $150.00

Our Baby Alpaca Fabric Fur Trim Coat is luxury and fashion


- $1200.00

Baby Alpaca Fur Hat is special for winter season


- $120.00

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